Microsurgical knife with SystemProtectTM



      There are different types of knives with protective cap * UltraEdgeTM SystemProtectTM: Knives Stab, Stab Depth Restricted, Restricted Depth Stab - Flat Stock, Crescent, Phaco, Clear Corneal, Side Cutting Clear Corneal, Trapezoid, Blunt Nose Implant - Stock Wire, Blunt Nose implant - Flat Stock, Phaco Side Port Phaco - Teardrop Shape, Phaco - Double Bevel, Invis-Bevel Slit, Double Bevel Phaco w / Non-Cutting, HP Clear corneal Bevel Single, Bevel Double HP Clear corneal, Vitrectomy, MVR Type Side Port and Spoon.

     Pay attention to safety. Now is the time, and the solution is represented by the UltraEdge blades.


     Protect yourself and your colleagues.

According to EU safety directives ( 2010/32/EU ) compilance date May 2013.The objective is clear: In order to obtain the highest level of safety, health facility must establish policies and practices including safety systems and devices .


     ULTRAEDGE redefines quality and provides a significant advantage when it comes to safety.Studies show that the number of needle stick accidents are around 1.2 million per year in Europe , 8 % of which  are caused by knives or scalpels . Accidents of this kind presents a high risk of infection with infectious diseases such as AIDS , Hepatitis B and C. UltraEdge blades offer the performance and safety technology design that the doctors depend on to achieve the safest working environment .


     Safety of healthcare workers

Certainly blades are designed to reduce the risk of injury that can occur during surgery procedures : before use , during handling between steps of operation or after use.Usually the knives after surgery , are placed back in a foam or a protection box  - a fact that EU Directives recommend banning this practice.UltraEdge patented knives provides optimal safety with complete coverage of the blade .


     The performance and quality of the blade

UltraEdge knives are designed to offer outstanding precision , sharpening and consistency in safety technology , all of these features in a single-use knife.Grindless sharpening gives a consistent and reliable performance in all variety of knives , ensuring high quality incision .


     Optimal performance.Minimal risk.

UltraEdge helps you achieve the EU  get and meets Directives.Designed for simplicity and with an Ease-of-use feature which is the first line of defense when operating precision equipment. The Directive states definitively that safety-engineered devices should be easy to use and that single-handed activation is preferred.


Contraindications / Interactions with other substances
     Contraindications, interactions or incompatibilities originated from the combination blade with protective cap * UltraEdgeTM SystemProtectTM with other substances or devices were not observed .
Cleaning and sterilization
     Blades with protective cap * UltraEdgeTM SystemProtectTM are sterilized by γ radiation and are delivered in sterile conditions .
Knives * UltraEdgeTM supporting SystemProtectTM protection are disposable knives are not designed for reuse.
     Blades with protective cap * UltraEdgeTM SystemProtectTM are extremely sharp and extremely fine edges because they are very sensitive . Thus knives with protective cap * UltraEdgeTM SystemProtectTM be treated with the most care .
Each knife should be visually inspected before use for any cracks and crevices , preserving sterile conditions .
Do not use damaged knives !

 Blades with protective cap * UltraEdgeTM SystemProtectTM serve as cutting tools for ocular microsurgery.
Blades with protective cap * UltraEdgeTM SystemProtectTM are designed to be used with their appropriate support.

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